Assaria Lutheran Church Organizations and Committees.

Ministries continue to strive at Assaria Lutheran Church. As of January 1988, the Lutheran Church Women became Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (WELCA). This organization has been the most active organization in the church. Within the WELCA organization are the Fellowship groups (Deborah, Martha, Mary, Miriam) which help serve the midweek Lenten suppers, provide snacks for Vacation Bible School, have a Memorial Day service, and support other local ministries such as Bethany Home, Salina Food Bank and Lutheran World Relief.

The churchmen of Assaria Lutheran Church also have been active in the life of the congregation. They too provide a meal for the midweek Lenten services. Every July or August since 1965 an ice cream social has been used to provide scholarships for students from the Assaria congregation who attend Bethany College and to provide the devotional booklet, "Portals in Prayer."

Congregational members serve on various Church committees that enhance the functions and activities within the Church. There responsibilities are varied by the committee in which they serve.

Assaria Lutheran Church Youth Groups

The youth organizations at Assaria Lutheran Church include the Young Adults Group. They have been involved in the annual "Swedish Smorgasbord" and raise money to support this effort with a concession stand during Hyllningsfest in Lindsborg.