Financial Committee Responsibilities:
1. Provide membership giving reports.
2. Provide financial stewardship education to church members.
3. Recruit Financial Secretary and Treasurer for the congregation.
4. Monitor receipts and monthly expenses.
5. Call for special offerings.
6. Supervise other Finance responsibilities: Audit, Investment and Memorial
Audit Responsibilities?
Investment Responsibilities:
1. Monitor investments for Schute and Parsonage Funds (currently with Federated).
2. Assist treasurer to sell funds to make scholarship payments when granted.
3 Rebalance Fund mix annually and recommend changes.
Memorial Responsibilities
1. Help families establish memorials.
2. Manage funds within Memorial Fund.
3. Work with Council on use of funds.
4. Update Memorial book and plaque.
5. Celebrate and remember memorial gifts on Memorial Day.

Learning Committee Responsibilities:
1. Help Pastor select learning materials.
2. Recruit Sunday School Superintendent and supervise Sunday School program.
3. Recruit Vacation Bible School Director and choose VBS material
4. Help Pastor with Confirmation Program.
5. Assist in Adult and Youth activities.
6. Assist with Wednesday night fellowship, learning and devotional activities.
1. Maintain the Church Library.
2. Order new books and references.
3. Oversee books donated to the Library.
4. Supervise check in & out system.
5. Make books available for Preschool.
6. Receive and expend donated funds.

Mutual Ministries Committee Responsibilities:
1. Supervise periodic reviews and evaluation of: the Pastor (Worship), Musicians (Worship), Church staff (Pastor), all committees (Mutual Ministry).
Church Council (Mutual Ministry) and the congregation as a whole (Mutual Ministry).
2. Periodically update lists of current members, communing members and inactive members.
3. Periodically update the church directory.
4. Encourage all church members to join and be active with a leadership committee.
Stewardship Responsibilities:
1. Stewardship is about how we use all that God has entrusted us for the care of all those in our church and our community by sharing our time, our talents and our treasures.
2. This committee provides guidance for our church and our community to develop programs that will enable us to achieve our stewardship goals.

Preschool Committee Responsibilities:
1. Oversee the daily running & finances of our Church’s Preschool.
2. Hire Preschool Director & Assistant.
3. Coordinate special offerings & fund raisers to support the Preschool.
4. Work with Property Team to maintain Kansas State regulations & ensure
a safe environment.

Property Committee Responsibilities:
1. Supervise property maintenance, repairs, improvements & installations.
2. Secure property insurance coverage.
3. Hire, supervise and evaluate property staff: Custodial, Cemetery, Lawn Care, Snow Removal, etc.
4. Distribute and supervise keys & security.
5. Supervise property lockup volunteers.
6. Help Preschool with property concerns.

Witness Committee Responsibilities:
1. Publicize our ministries & witness by spreading the good news of Jesus. 
2. Contact visitors from worship service.
3. Supervise all witness teams: Visitation of Homebound, Worship Greeters and Meals to Go.
4. Welcome new members and Confirmands.
5. Help Pastor with updating membership rolls and contacting inactive members.
Missions Responsibilities:
1. Encourage support of various world teams of missionaries.
2. Distribute “Prayer Ventures” and promote support of ELCA missions.
3. Coordinate special offerings & fund raisers to support missions.
4. Promote support for our ELCA partner church Cross of Glory in Derby,
Social Responsibilities:
1. Educate and schedule events for church and community regarding Social
2. Supervise programs meeting local emergency and ongoing needs.
3. Supervise other Social Teams: WELCA
4. Tape ministry for homebound.
5. Coordinate a sharing and caring ministry for members.

Worship & Music Committee Responsibilities:
1. Hire, supervise and evaluate the organist and choir director who will be ex-officio members of this committee.
2. Aid the Pastor in providing meaningful and inspirational worship services.
3. Periodically evaluate the Pastor.
4. Secure readers, ushers, greeters and acolytes for worship.
5 .Provide for tuning and care of organ, pianos and other musical instruments.
6. Supervise the Alter Guild, Flower Committee and care and maintenance of robes.
7. Arrange for Special Music at Worship services.
8. Provide a program of education regarding worship and worship practice.
9. Arrange for the scheduling of Special Sundays.
            Churchmen Sunday                 SES Madrigal Singers
            WELCA Sunday                      Thanksgiving Festival Worship
            Youth Sunday                         Midweek Lenten Services
            Bethany Home Sunday             Bethany College Sunday
10. Provide appropriate gifts and recognition for volunteers in the area ofworship and music.

Altar Guild Responsibilities:
1. Maintain paraments, chancel furnishings and worship appointments.
2. Change paraments and banners for different church seasons.
3. Set up and clean up for Communion.
4. Set up for special worship services: Baptisms, Confirmations, Easter, etc.
5. Notify office for more supplies.
6. Report to Worship Team with concerns.

* All Committees:
1. Report activities monthly to Church Council.
2.  Submit budget request to Financial Committee.
3.  Submit activity summary for ALC Annual Report to Church Secretary.